Bobbing for a Meal?

Water Fowl
A bird makes a splash as it dabbles beneath surface of a lake at St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin. January 2018.

With a relatively fast shutter speed, it’s possible to capture water in the midst of its magic. By the way, if you find yourself on Grafton Street in Dublin, consider walking up to its end and having a stroll around St. Stephen’s Green. A few acres of peace.

Dublin Castle Courtyard

Dublin Castle Courtyard
A view of the courtyard at Dublin Castle. January 2018.

Ireland’s cloudy, rainy winter days are wonderful for photography. Here’s an image I made recently on such a day, then enhanced with some digital magic.

Long Room

Long Room
A view of the Long Room at Trinity College in Dublin.

An extraordinary home for the rare books collection at Trinity, and only a few steps removed from the famed Book of Kells.

Twinned Limbs

Twinned plant limbs climbing a wall in an Irish village. January 2018.

The geometries in nature are captivating, are they not? These limbs have the grace of ballet dancers, moving up a wall at so slow a pace that we simply don’t see it happening.