Capturing Socrates

Capturing Socrates
Visitors capture an image of a bust of Socrates in the Long Room of the library at Trinity College Dublin.

To bring the two visitors out of deep shadow, I used a tool in an app that allows me to alter the exposure of one area of a picture. So I could make the visitors visible without blowing out the bust of Socrates.

Time to Open

Time to Open
A woman prepares to open for the day in Quito’s old town. May 2016.

I especially like the tones in this image and the way the strict geometry of the door and wall contrast with the human form.

Wall with Lines

Wall with Wires
An exterior wall in an Irish village this afternoon. January 2018.

What struck me about this patch of wall was how the tones might be made to recede, leaving only contrasting geometries.

Bobbing for a Meal?

Water Fowl
A bird makes a splash as it dabbles beneath surface of a lake at St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin. January 2018.

With a relatively fast shutter speed, it’s possible to capture water in the midst of its magic. By the way, if you find yourself on Grafton Street in Dublin, consider walking up to its end and having a stroll around St. Stephen’s Green. A few acres of peace.

Dublin Castle Courtyard

Dublin Castle Courtyard
A view of the courtyard at Dublin Castle. January 2018.

Ireland’s cloudy, rainy winter days are wonderful for photography. Here’s an image I made recently on such a day, then enhanced with some digital magic.